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Customize Your Computer

Want your PC to go the extra mile?

We are an authorized MSI dealer and offer custom built systems.

Whether you are looking for a top of the line gaming PC with the latest graphics card, a power house for graphic design, or just a computer you can depend on, we can help customize a build that will fit your budget.  

Our MSI gaming desktops and laptops are the best in the industry. Whether it is a sleek design for at home, a mini pc or the ultimate gaming machine, there is an MSI desktop PC for everyone. MSI's wide range of gaming gear is designed to match any budget or skill level. 

Whether you're interested in casual gaming or competing on the global level, having a computer that flawlessly runs the latest games is a huge luxury.

Dan's Computer Sales & Services in Chelmsford, ON

Dan's Computer Sales & Services

3253 Errington Ave Unit 2

Chelmsford, ON

P0M 1L0

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